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01 March 2014 @ 02:40 pm

There is a modern proverb says that once you become a programmer, you have no life. Park Yoochun is a programmer.

Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu

Approximately humor (I hope it's a Sci-Fi, urgh, it's my dream, but.. Maybe next time.)

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01 March 2014 @ 02:38 pm

There is a modern proverb says that once you become a programmer, you have no life. Park Yoochun is a programmer.

Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu

Approximately humor (I hope it's a Sci-Fi, urgh, it's my dream, but.. Maybe next time.)

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25 February 2014 @ 09:52 pm
Does this work?
Well. Hi, me... Since no one else read my journal (and I forbid anyone to read this journal. Hahaha)
It's been a while. Hah.. My ficcus life is not as well as before. I mean, the authors whom I subscribed are rarely update their ficcus. Makes me so sad :(
That's why now, me here, has decided to write a fic. This is for the first time in forever. I feel nervous. And dizzy. Ok, too much.
Even though I am not confident with my writing style (since when I have a style in writing? Since when I am writing anyway :/ ) and my grammar. If there's a MGS* club, I'd definitely joined it. Hahaha.

I have the plot already. The beginning, the climax and the end. It's gonna be a oneshot (maybe) with failed-humor as the general genre. This fic is failed since the start (it hasn't even started yet).

But I'll do my best. On this weekend. My promise


*MGS := my grammar suck

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27 August 2013 @ 11:29 am


~(_ _ ~)
Your Highness.. Give me your incredible orders.. juseyo..

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A/N: This post should be posted 2 days ago, but since I was too lazy to edit it and looking for some pics, so here I go. lol
Everything happened because of this:

The Emperor (Imma the warrior yeah!)

Ya.. we all know that yoochun likes Bleach manga. He has his own comic rent room for this, which is i envy him a LOT. But, has he ever talk about it? Like interview or something that talk about why he like this anime or who's his favorite chara? I wonder if we have same interest with this. Lol.

I get it hyung!
I know how you feel!

For the weapon, i love Tensai Zangetsu, a lot! But in its bankai form. Its normal form looked like my mom's carving knife. LOL. But its human form were cool tho. An ahjussi with wavy long hair. Reminds me a lot with yoochun's The Beginning era. O__O

I see..
no difference

HAHA! Maybe he was inspired by him? O.o Who knows!

For the chara, i love Zaraki Kenpachi (i hope the spelling is correct). He... reminds me of Changmin in Triangle era!

again, I see..
no difference

Maybe that Kenpachi Oji-san was inspired by him too? O_o Who knows! Wahh this is fabulous. I just realized about these stuffs. Or i just the only one who late to realized (like usual) ? e__e. Never mind. Blame that Yoochun Emperor pic on my prev tweets! Haha!

So, back to this-sudden-spazz. If you googling that Kenpachi Oji-san pic and you wonder why i like him and not the main chara (aka ichigo kurosaki). My answer is simple. Kenpachi Oji-san had no bankai. His sword just like the ordinary sword. It died sword. Not like the others that had soul and could transform into another form. Why? Because he didnt believe in it. He had no faith that his sword was life and had soul. So the sword just simply 'died'. He had tried to believe, he talked to his sword but didnt work. Why? Because deep inside his heart, he still didnt believe in it.

Kenpachi Oji-san became one of the 13 captains (the Gotei 13) with no special power. Just him, his 'died' sword, and his will to be the powerful one. He fought tooth and nail to get that position. He was killing his own teacher or his bestfriend (i forgot). Dont imitate this action, we all knew this is a bad thing.

If you dont get it what i mean, just imagining superman vs batman. You know there's no way superman could be real. But batman could. Batman didnt use magic power in his action but his hi-tech gadgets, strategies, genius assistant and his bat-ears-like mask. Thats cool tho, i had that mask when i was kid.

Back to Kenpachi Oji-san. So, he proved that even tho he had no special power, he could be what he wanted. With his strong will and determination. He is cool, totally cool. In my eyes. And his vice-captain was just cute like junsu! Hahaha! YACHIRU! Orz.. she's cute girl ;; i want lil sister like her. LOL!

And junsu love Zabimaru right? Abarai Renji's sword. Its bankai form inspired by white baboon and snake.

I was collecting the anime series in dvd. But they spread like Kagome's crystal ball in Inuyasha. A friend borrowed it from me. A friend of my friend borrowed it from my friend and on and on and gone *cry*. It was long series anime just like Naruto and havent finish till now? I don't follow it up again. Orz, enjoy your spare time to watch everything because someday you will have no time for it anymore.

All the confusion and misunderstanding in this article is sheer inadvertence.
All pictures credit to the owner (as tagged). Some of them I captured by myself and the others I got from google.

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20 August 2013 @ 01:34 am
Because my internet only has its full speed on the midnight till 9 a.m, so here I am.
Spazzing at the midnight? Nah, I am not so into spazzing or something (Lied)
I have to read something to clear my mind. And this something is only available at midnight (another failed excuse. Who cares?)
Oke. *turn it up. it refers to the radio*
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13 August 2013 @ 12:07 pm
First. This is only for Darlene. Haha.
I hope this helps you. If not, well uh.. I believe this one is helpful! xD

So.. this is my-version-dictionary. So, idk if the other applying like mine or not. Let's start!

this when I get shocked because something.

when I get confuse or not sure about what I just said.

I use this when I want to look innocent. i.e: "You act like an ahjumma. Grumpy ahjumma .___."

eye-side to someone.

when shoot someone with my stare because i feel that someone is being annoyed. this is powerful-stare-emoti haha!

squint eyes. When I feel weird because someone's acts.
i.e: someone tweet that s/he wants to pee. I reply like: just go to your neighbor's toilet =___=

similar with the previous one but this one is kinda squint-tired-emoti.

when I feel amazed

amazed+nosebleed. When  I see sexy Junsu. LOL!

And.. many more..
I think, this post is gonna have a sequel (?) XD
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04 August 2013 @ 09:24 pm
The first yoosu's edit pic. Inspired by a walking-talking-banana. She's my friend. HAHA!

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30 July 2013 @ 02:24 pm
Sorry but, I just can't help myself

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30 July 2013 @ 10:39 am
I just getting crazy over this
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